Proprietary Risk Management
Risk management commonly refers to the balancing of risk or exposure versus opportunity. The management of risk consists of complex algorithms and values assigned to various actions and outcomes.
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Proprietary Rule-Based System
Taking advantage of the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our proprietary rule-based system, provides an intelligent, real-time approach to assessing the validity of live transactions.
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Proprietary Fraud Management
To effectively combat fraud, TAG combines the latest available technologies and services: negative database management, forensic review, geolocation, biometrics, etc.
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Proprietary Risk Scoring
Any conventional relationship and/or personality has infinite variables and possibilities. To keep on top of these transitory and organic ecosystems is to apply a risk scoring element.
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Proprietary Artificial Intelligence
A popular concept these days, Artificial Intelligence is to replace the repetitive or redundant observation and decision making process. The assistance of this artificial intelligence frees up crucial time...
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Data Center
Proprietary Data Center NOC/SOC
Our 20-years of managing data centers has allowed us to observe, study and optimize the entire transaction life-cycle and implement best practices in each layer of the process.
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